Baghdad: Yaroub Al-Obaidi





Mixed Media and found objects
Idea + Concept: Yaroub Al-Obaidi
Produced by: Mohaned Al-Obaidi

Inspired by Queen Pu Abi, the queen of UR city in the south of Iraq around 2500 BCA. She is short with. Less than 5-foot height, a queen by herself there is no information about her husband or father. The original burial set made of gold, lapis, lazurde, and carnelian on display at University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology.


The Representation of Baghdad as a Queen: The Sanctuary City Looking for Sanctuary

Baghdad city, the capital of Iraq. The City of Peace. There are so many monuments and remarkable places all the time when it’s innovated from the Abbasinian time, but unfortunately, the city in it’s a worse time. It was nominated as one of the worst cities to live in for many years now.

I imagine Baghdad as a beauty queen, but it’s occupied and looks like always ready to the suffering of wars.

Always imagined Baghdad as a Queen Pu Abi, but unfortunately suffering from cancer in all its body and this still damages the time to enjoy the city history and present but hopefully not the future.

Always imagine Baghdad as a queen with much hope to be better one day and take its real roles in civilization journey as before.

This was installed in the Sanctuary exhibit on the 4th floor of Philadelphia City Hall in Summer 2019. It was also presented as evidence for A People’s Tribunal: 28 Exhibits organized by Hekler at Twelve Gates Arts. “28 Exhibits was a performative tribunal that brought together a group of artists, activists, and scholars to account for the impact of global counterinsurgency doctrine. With storytelling, installation, and song as “evidence,” the tribunal interrogated the rhetoric that has fueled the lasting trauma of the U.S. War in Iraq, while building a collective archive that fosters alternative spaces of restitution for evaluating the war on terror.”