Students & Collaborators Lunch

“There is an impossibility to overcoming the deep sadness of displacement but the hope is that sharing stories through an art project could help fill this void and reflect on the experience differently.”

“Art can destroy stereotypes.”

“Art creates a sense of love and belonging. We dream of peace for our future generations, for the future, and for our future generations to live in peace.”

On February 11, 2018 collaborators and their families joined the students from PEAC 094: Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary for lunch on Swarthmore’s campus. The Scheuer Room was set for formal lunch, and at each table was a student, a family, a faculty/staff member, and a book artist. Over Syrian food and desert, prepared, respectively, by two of the project collaborators, we discussed questions of empathy and belonging, displacement and refuge. We collectively talked of “home,” “safety,” and “art.” This was the first event in which all of the project collaborators came together in one room. Lang Center Associates helped to run the event, and played games with the children. The event ended with collaborators receiving a tour of campus.