Peace: Open House and Reception

يوم السبت ١٣ يوليو: من ١٠صباحا إلى ٤ مساء
المكتبة الحرة الرائيسي

Sat. July 13, 2019: 10am-4pm
Parkway Central Library: 1901 Vine Street

This was an official project program, activating the Peace exhibition. 75+ people came through to experience the exhibition and engage with 8 community partners and collaborators tabling. Samah led a sold out culinary literacy workshop and Asmaa’s food closed the day out. Check out photos from the event taken by Hosam Al-Obaidi on Flickr.

Join Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary for a day filled with culinary + art workshops connected to the two-year project at The Free Library of Philadelphia. Experience the Peace exhibition with guided tours. This is one of three sites that make up the full exhibition that showcases newly created and collaborative artworks by resettled Syrians and Iraqis & renowned book artists that interweave historic and contemporary stories of refuge. The open house and reception is free all day, except the cooking workshop from 1-3 at the Culinary Literacy Center.

  • 10am-3pm: tabling from community partners, art-making stations with project artists, guided tours with project artists, and small marketplace - all on the 2nd floor in the middle of the display

  • 1pm-3pm: Cooking workshop with Samah in the Free Library of Philadelphia Culinary Literacy Center - Buy your $10 ticket at Cooking from Southwest Asia

  • 3pm-4pm: Reception catered by Chef Asmaa Diab. She will be cooking in the Culinary Literacy Center throughout the day, if you want a sneak peak behind the scenes of her cooking!

Spend the day at the beautiful Parkway Central Branch whether that’s on the 2nd floor in the middle of the Peace exhibitions, in the Culinary Literacy Center or visiting the newly renovated Heim Center for Cultural and Civic Engagement.

رافق الأصدقاء، السلام، و الملاذ الآمن في يوم ملئ بحلقة دروس فنون الطبخ + الفن بعلاقة مع مشروع السنتين في مكتبة فيلاديلفيا الحرّة.

أختبر معرض السلام مع جولات مصحوبة مع المخرجة الفنية، سوزان فريمان. هذا واحد من المراكز الثلاثة التي تكون المعرض الفنّي الكلّي الذي يعرض أعمال فنيّة جديدة و متنوعة التعاون لفنانين سوريين و عراقيين موَطنيين بالخارج و فنانين كتب مشاهير لتحيك قصص تاريخية و حديثة للهجرة.

أقضي اليوم في فرع باركواي المركزي إمّا في “مركز تعليم الطهي” أو في “مركز هايم للعلاقات الثقافية و الحضارية”.

Translated by: Miriam Meriwani

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