Samah Al-Kasab


Samah is a collaborator on the project. “I was born in Homs, Syria on 01/03/1989. I have an easy-going personality and am also shy. I love to get to know new people. I love to learn everything I can and never like to be unable to do the things. I like to have confidence in all my life details. I got married at an early age and have two sons - they are all the beautiful things in my life. I lived in Syria and because of the war traveled to Jordan where I waited for 5 years before coming to the USA. it was a very difficult decision for me because I knew all of my life would change - the habits and traditions for me and my family. Now I am in the USA and I hope to keep learning more things. I experienced a lot of nice this from people in the USA and met many nice people. My dream is to see my kids have excel at their studies and see them become something important in life. My other dream is to go back and visit my country and speak my native language. Big thanks to Allah and thanks to anyone who gave me support and keys for any success.