Osama Herkal


Osama is a collaborator on this project. In his own words: “I am Osama. I was born in the city of jasmine. Its name is Damascus. I studied there and worked in the catering department at Damascus Airport. In 2011 our revolution started to seek freedom against the Fascist regime. I was arrested because I joined the demonstrations and they put me in the darkness of jail. After I was released I found my country destroyed by the regime. In 2013, I moved to Egypt - a country I love. I lived there for 3 years waiting to hear where my family and I would be resettled. I worked in cooking, sewing, and advertisement. My family’s case was approved by the US Authorities in 2016. Now we live in quiet and peace. I miss to see my mother and brothers who still live in Syria. This is just shortened version of my long story that contains hard and dark nights. It contains the displacement of my family and loss of my past life. I am now living in this country and it’s like a kind mother to me. Thanks to everyone who has helped me and my family to come live peacefully here. Participating in this project gave me the opportunity to show the skills and for the other peoples that the war made them flee.