Mohamed Okab


Mohamed is a collaborator on this project. He was born in a city south of Iraq in 1953. He attended high school in Baghdad and continued on to a technical institute in 1974, but did not work in the field he studied. Instead he worked a variety of jobs freelance, one of them as a book seller on Almutanabi Street, known as the Street of Culture in Baghdad. He enjoys reading and drawing. Mohamed, his wife, and children came to the United States as refugees in 2013 due to violence and confusion of the situation in Iraq. He is now living in the City of Philadelphia and has since returned to his favorite hobby of drawing, citing his involvement in the Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary project as the impetus: “I wish I can draw some of the history from this great country and to draw some important interesting places to visit.” He continues to take continuing education classes in painting at Fleisher Art Memorial.