Marwa is a collaborator on this project. “My name is Marwa. I studied water resources engineering in Iraq. I worked as a lecturer in the School Engineering at Al-Mustansiriya University in Iraq. I also worked at Al Sabah newspaper in Iraq. I am currently not working, but interested to study further and work in the future. Some of my hobbies are reading, watching tv and movies, and shopping. My favorite shows are Turkish soap operas and my favorite actor is Tom Cruise. I also love sports so much like swimming, tennis, and walking, like walking around around neighborhood streets. I love food, pets and to travel, especially Malaysia. I am a strong person and like to listen to other people and help them forget about their hardships. I love my country, Iraq, very much, but because of the difficult situation my family had to leave looking for freedom. I came to the USA in 2016 through Turkey after my husband who came through Jordan. We are now settled in Philadelphia with our son and daughter. I love my small family. I am always looking for brightness in the future. My dreams are to become a known author or psychologist to be able to listen to people and relieve them of their pain.”