Layla Al Hussein


Layla Al Hussein is a collaborator on this project. In her own words: “My name is Layla Sidik Khuder Al Huseini. I am 76 years old and currently live in Northeast Philadelphia with my daughter. I studied to be a teacher for handmade arts, but I didn’t work in my field that much because I decided to dedicate my time and efforts to my family. I also worked in media and culture in Iraq. I have many hobbies like sewing, needlework, and decoration. I am poet and author. It is one way I am able to express the grief I feel from being separated from my family and losing my sons throughout the years to war. I hold an Honorary Doctorate and was appointed as a Peace Ambassador in Philadelphia by Peace Academy in Germany.” Layla also participated in the Mural Arts project, Radio Silence, led by Iraqi-American artist Michael Rakowitz.