Fadia Lilmakhzoub


Fadia is a collaborator on this project. “I am a Syrian citizen. I come from a country like a paradise that I love so much. I grew up and spent the most beautiful years there. Suddenly, without notice and in the darkness of night, the war started to knock on my country’s doors. These were difficult and nerve-wrecking days that we went through. After that I had no choice but to flee from Syria to our neighboring country, Jordan, to try to seek sanctuary for my family and I. It was a difficult journey and felt like the worst days, especially when my husband died, but I believe that is what Allah wants. I came to the USA with some of my kids, but a part of my heart is still there… Too far from me… My oldest son is still in Jordan with his kids. They were approved to come to the US right after we did, but they stopped letting Syrians come, so they are waiting. I hope one day I can see them. I feel homesick. I also feel like an outsider, but there are many nice people I have met who have helped me not feel like an outsider. I continue to do my hobbies - crochet, knitting, and making other handcrafted clothes and accessories.”