Asmaa Diab


Asmaa is a collaborator on this project from Syria. She is an artist with many talents who went to an arts high school in Syria. When she got married to her husband in Syria, they bought a home right in front of her family’s house. They share fond memories of the sounds of their canaries that filled their home as they watered the many plants and living surrounded by friends and family. Their home was destroyed and looted and they were forced to move around Syria many times. Asmaa, her husband, and their three sons were able to go to Egypt with nothing but the clothes they were wearing. She hasn’t seen her home since. Before receiving refugee status to come to the US, she waited in Egypt for 3 years. She was happy to at least be living near her sister’s family and also was able to work from home using her sewing skills. Now she has been in the US for almost 3 years. Her sister’s family is still waiting in Egypt to hear about where they may be resettled and the rest of her family is still in Syria. The transition in the US has not been easy. Asmaa misses her family and her home deeply, while working everyday to rebuild her life in the US. She uses her creativity to make tapestries and accessorizes textiles for dresses, pillows, and more. Asmaa loves to share her culture through the food she cooks. She is phenomenal cook who offers catering for events.