Amaal AlNajjar


Amaal is a collaborator on this project. In her own words: “My name is Amaal Hussein AlNajjar. I was born on 02/29/1956. I come from Damascus, Syria. I left my country because of war. I lived for one year under ISIS before I went from Syria to Istanbul, Turkey, crossing the border in the middle of the night. I lived there for 4 years with my family, waiting to hear where we would resettle. I came to the USA with my husband and we live together in Philadelphia. We are happy in our new life. I have a garden in my backyard where I can grow foods that remind me of home. I miss my children who are spread out. My son is in Turkey and my daughters are in Germany, Austria, and Syria. From all our heart we hope for peace to come to our country again and we can go back to live together again with my family. The days spent with the artists and new friends have been so nice. We have learned a lot from them and hope to keep working with them. We would love to thank all of you for your kind and dealing professionally with us.”