Abir AlArnab


Abir AlArnab is a collaborator on this project. “My name is Abir AlArnab. I’m 36 years old and from Lattakia, Syria. I am a mom of four kids: two girls and two boys. We left our country afraid of the war to Egypt, where we lived for four years and 3 months until we came to the United States. We wanted to be safe. My husband, children, and I came to the United States as refugees. My dad, mom, sisters, and brother were already here, so it wasn’t so hard for us to get used to this new country. The good thing about being here for us is that we are safe. My kids are getting a better education and we have found better jobs. I am passionate about cook and baking. It makes me happy when I am cooking for my family and friends. Participating in the Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary project has given me the opportunity to participate in workshops where I learned different arts and made new friends. I am so thanksful for everyone I met for sharing their stories and experiences. All I hope for is peace.”