Abdul Karim Awad


Abdul Karim Awad is a collaborator on this project. In his own words: “I was born in Baghdad, Iraq on 7/14/1959. I am a master Arabic calligrapher. My hobbies also include creating any decorations, knitting of all kinds, painting, and calligraphy on glass and I also create large murals. I have been married since 1978 and we have two daughters, Zainab and Sally, and one son named Saad. I am also known as Abou Saad (Father of Saad). We moved to live in the I moved us to live in America in Philadelphia in 2013. I am happy and honored to participate in this project with Swarthmore College because I have developed new abilities with the artists. Through this project we can introduce traditional and national arts and customs from from our home countries of Iraq and Syria to the American community. I hope for the success and work on what is good for humanity and societies suffering from wars to come to an end. This is a simple form of my life I offer to you and may peace be upon you.” View his work and follow Abdul Karim on Instagram: @abosaad.alfarrajy