Raghad Samir


Raghad Samir is a collaborator on this project. In her own words: “I graduated from the University of Baghdad (Ibn Al-Haitham) in the School of Education. I am a mother of 2 children: Mohammed and Malak. Before leaving Iraq, I worked in an administrative position at the University of Baghdad. I spent 2.5 years in Turkey before reaching the USA in 2016. At the moment, I have now been in the USA for two years and grateful to Allah that I now have a green card and will become a citizen soon. I currently work at Marshalls as I work to further my studies here. Participating in the Friends, Peace, and Sanctuary Project has been an amazing experience for me to get to know new people and the artists working on the project. It has helped break a daily routine and has been a valuable experience full of useful information.”